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We Offer Orlando 1031 Exchange Services

If you are considering a 1031 exchange, hiring an experienced 1031 exchange attorney can help you execute an exchange that results in a significant tax advantage for your residential or commercial property. The benefits of a like-kind property exchange include deferral of taxes which create additional cash flow for future investments. While there are many 1031 exchange lawyers, our firm has decades of combined experience in real estate law in the Orlando market and works with our clients on a personal level to reach a common goal.

Like-Kind Exchanges

A 1031 exchange may be right for you to receive relief from expensive maintenance costs, to build wealth, defer capital gains and increase cash flow for additional investments due to the tax deferred exchange. Hiring a qualified Orlando Real Estate Law Attorney ensures your transaction will comply with IRS regulations and federal like-kind exchange rules. The strict regulations must be fully complied with in order to obtain your tax status and avoid penalties.

Why You Need A 1031 Exchange Attorney

We know how demanding and time consuming real estate law can be, which is why it’s important to hire an experienced 1031 exchange attorney with a proven track record of winning real estate litigation. We have experience in residential and commercial real estate law including title disputes between owners and Orlando Quitclaim Deed transfers. In commercial real estate we specialize in everything from boundary disputes, zoning litigation and landlord-tenant disputes. We believe in communicating with our clients every step the way during an Orlando 1031 Exchange and our closing cost calculator will provide sellers with an accurate valuation of property for the exchange. Call us today for a consultation.

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