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At Voight P.A. we know how important business relationships are to your livelihood. A shareholder’s agreement is the most important legally binding document you can have to protect your personal investments and interests of the business and shareholders. In addition to offering legal guidance in agreement drafting, we aid in shareholder agreement drafting, buy-sell agreement, share transfer agreement, shareholder disputes and business contract drafting.

A shareholder agreement allows for business owners to plan by having a written agreement on everything from unexpected exits to the transfer of shares. While shareholder disputes are unfortunate, in the event that Orlando Contract Breach And Disputes occur, our legal team can help mediate and find a solution.

An Experienced Business Shareholders Agreement Attorney

Located in Orlando, where job growth is the second highest in the United States, we serve the needs of small businesses in Orlando locations including Lake Eola, Winter Garden, and Lake Mary. We also create Orlando Purchase Agreements for large companies and corporations in downtown Orlando or along International Drive. Strong shareholder agreements help both parties plan and ensures that your business operations can run smoothly and avoid conflicts.

Is Your business protected?

As your Orlando Business Law Attorney, here are important aspects of shareholder agreements to consider:

  • Agreement Drafting

    Business contract drafting requires input from all shareholders and should include detailed information about how the company is owned and operated. Orlando Business Formation between two or more parties should outline key provisions, obligations of the corporation, terms of ownership, transfers of share and naming a board of directors.

  • Buy-Sell Agreement

    Strong buy-sell agreements include a buy-sell option with directives for how a shareholder can exit the company. This agreement outlines the terms for which a shareholder can depart and a share transfer agreement for how that individual’s shares can be distributed or sold.

  • Shareholder Dispute Resolution

    Should shareholder disputes occur, we are committed to handling these disputes in a timely and professional manner. Outlining how disputes will be resolved in your agreement is also recommended before Orlando Contract Breach And Disputes even occur.

  • Exit Strategy

    Outlining an exit strategy for both parties is important for the future of your company. Planning for an exit and the terms you would leave the company will ensure a cohesive relationship between shareholders.

As an Orlando Shareholder Agreement Attorney with a passion for helping business owners succeed, believe that every client deserves open communication, a fair assessment of their legal disputes and an advocate in and out of the courtroom. Call us today for a consultation.

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